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Nov. 2010

Launching Your Alberta Online

Premier Ed Stelmach

A message from Premier Ed Stelmach

Over the past number of months, my colleagues and I travelled to every corner of Alberta, listening to what you had to say. You told us about the importance of advancing our health care system. We heard appreciation for new and updated roads and schools. And we listened as you told us about the positive progress made in agriculture. To sum up our tour, I had an overwhelming feeling of excitement for the future of Alberta.

We appreciate the feedback. And as we continue our work, we want to keep you informed of what we're doing. In addition to more face-to-face meetings, we're launching Your Alberta Online as another way to share the latest provincial news and information.

An important part of government's work is to communicate directly with Albertans, and we’ve been challenging ourselves to use new and different ways to do that. This short online video is another way.

In addition to my segment, in the first episode you’ll also see Transportation Minister Luke Ouellette talk about this year's transportation projects, Employment and Immigration Minister Thomas Lukaszuk discuss the online workplace safety records and Service Alberta Minister Heather Klimchuk give her thoughts on the new ID program for the homeless.

Expect to see Your Alberta Online on a regular basis. I encourage you to tune in and give us your feedback.

Visit Your Alberta Online

Alberta Health Act proposes new principles to guide public health system

The Alberta Health Act (Bill 17), which defines principles to guide actions and decisions in the health system, passed first reading October 28.

Bill 17 proposes a set of principles that were recommended in the Putting People First report released September 16. The report made 15 recommendations and summarized the views of Albertans during extensive public consultations over the past year.

The proposed Alberta Health Act will require the Minister of Health and Wellness to establish:

  • a health charter that sets out principles and responsibilities within the health system;
  • a health advocate office to address citizen concerns with the health system as they relate to the health charter; and,
  • a process to provide for public input in the development of health regulations made under the Act.

Read more about the legislation

Clinics now open for influenza vaccine

Influenza viruses change from year to year and so does the vaccine. Each year, the World Health Organization identifies the strains of influenza that are expected to circulate that year, and a new vaccine is developed to protect against these particular influenza strains.

Last year, Albertans were offered two separate shots: one to protect against H1N1, and one to protect against other strains of influenza (often called seasonal influenza). This year, a single shot protects you against three strains of influenza that are expected to circulate: influenza A (H3N2 and H1N1), and influenza B. Protection against H1N1 remains important because H1N1 is expected to continue circulating yearly, much like the seasonal strains.

Read more about the flu shot

Beyond enforcement: reducing crime through Alberta’s Safe Communities Initiative

Alberta Safe Communities, or SafeCom, marks a shift in the government's approach to crime prevention. Nine government ministries work together with communities, law enforcement and other agencies to strike a balance between prevention, treatment and enforcement. The focus is on the major risk factors of crime and empowering and engaging local communities to tackle local crime issues together. Now in its third year, SafeCom is building the foundation for a safer, stronger Alberta.

Read more about the good work of the SafeCom project

Recycling at all-time high

Albertans have set a new record in beverage container recycling - close to 83 per cent of containers are currently being recycled across the province. This is an increase of more than five per cent in the last two years, due in large part to an increase in deposit-refund amounts and the ongoing commitment of Albertans to reduce their environmental footprint.

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Launching Your Alberta Online
Alberta Health Act proposes new principles to guide public health system
Clinics now open for influenza vaccine
Beyond enforcement: reducing crime through Alberta’s Safe Communities Initiative
Recycling at all-time high

In the news

Health, distracted driving bills highlight fall legislative agenda

New citizen-led committee to identify solutions to better support Alberta's nonprofit sector

Industry, labour and government gather to chart Alberta's future workforce

Canmore Nordic Centre first to open ski season in Canada

Alberta wins trade challenge on vegetable oil products

ID card opens more doors to everyday services for homeless Albertans

Alberta’s Order of Excellence

Eight leaders and innovators have been invested into the Alberta Order of Excellence, in recognition of their lasting contributions on the provincial, national and international stage. Recipients are Philip Currie, Alex Janvier, Ralph Klein, Janice McTighe, Louise Miller, Bill Mooney, Reza Nasseri and Bob Steadward.

Read more about the Alberta Order of Excellence

Great Kids Awards

Premier Ed Stelmach and Yvonne Fritz, Minister of Children and Youth Services, recently recognized 16 amazing young Albertans during the 2010 Great Kids awards ceremony.

View photos of the ceremony

Alberta unveils online training tool to help allergic students

The Alberta government and Anaphylaxis Canada have joined forces to launch the Canadian Anaphylaxis Readiness Education (C.A.R.E.) web-based training program for schools across the province. Teachers and administrators will now have quick access to important and easy-to-understand tips for keeping allergic students safe.

Read the Alberta School Boards Association's anaphylaxis policy

Did you know?

A partnership between the Calgary Correctional Centre and the Canadian Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centre has now helped three million people in more than 50 countries see more clearly. Corrections staff work with inmates who sort, clean and repair the eyeglasses collected by the Lions.

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